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Infected is a quick, strategic, secret role, semi-cooperative social game. -- The great Black Death has come to you in the Middle Ages, ravaging everyone you know. A Plague Doctor visits your village, promising help. Can you trust him, or will you be next?

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$111,821.00 / 4,764 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: August 2017
Infected 20box 20x2 legacy square thumb
Infected - 2 game copies
2 game copies scales for 7 to 12 players. Do you want everything in one game box, or put the copi... more »
Infected 20box 20x4 legacy square thumb
Infected - 4 game copies
4 full game copies of Infected. Each game box can hold up to two full copies of the game.
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Infected - 1 game copy
One game copy of Infected is for 5 or 6 players. 2 copies scales for 7 to 12 players.
Plague 20doc 20miniature 20black 20forest 20studio 20bk legacy square thumb
Plague Doctor Miniature
Grab an extra Plague Doctor miniature! This miniature is 50mm tall and sculpted with care. No act... more »
Dice 20card 20mockup 20color legacy square thumb
1 Plague Dice
The die that comes in the game. 16mm cubed. Want an extra one?